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Lake Mary, Florida

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Abbey cat came to our home on a cold January day this 2014, wearing a collar. We were able to provide her, and later, her five kittens with all of their needs. All financing was provided by my Lake Mary Facebook viewership. 

We thank these people for your generosity: Ava Lerner Wooton (CA), Patricia Mahoney, Kim Herman Trawick, Penny Golden Gold, Rodney Hedrick, Sanja Iličić Calara, Joanne Louis Berman, Diane Hamacher, Robert Mchugh, Brittany Shackleton, Anonymous, and Robin Matheson.

Matzoh & Carson became Elliott and Gatsby by a couple in Altamonte Springs on June 15. Mary, now Chowder was adopted by young woman and partner in Winter Springs July 3. Branson became Prince with a couple of women on 7/5/2014. We greatly miss all of them. We are happy that her two of Abbey's sons will continue to have each other. From 7/5 through 9/26/14, she stayed with Prince Branson. Abbey was brought to Pet Alliance of Orlando, in Sanford, on 11/10/2014. 

Four of Abbey's five kittens were given away from our home to new homes. Only Anna remains here. She was born here, in my bedroom closet, on 4/14/2014, and has never left our home! Ana will continue to have Maddow, and us two humans. Contributions paid for all food, litter, and supplies for all six cats. Donations also paid for the inoculations and sterilization of Abbey, Branson, and Mary. Community continues to exist now electronically!
Cobert (Fluffy) has become Tesla, and was adopted as an only pet, by a family of five in Deltona, on 10/29/2014. That is National Cat day! He was previously adopted by us, in 2009, accross the street from Pet Alliance in Sanford. At that time, he was microchipped and neuterd. We had him declawed.