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I welcome your questions, thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form below to get in touch with me. I am eager to communicate with you! Only I can read this. It will not be posted here publicly if you tell me so. 

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Donations were for Lake Mary's abandoned pregnant cat, Abbey, and her kittens. Thank you. They are now supported by others.

You are a member of our community. We, as a community, can help our abandoned, homeless, unclaimed family members. Lets us prevent hundreds of them from agonizing painful deaths from illness, injury, or hunger. Let us not add them to shelters who kill hundreds of them every day. If you would like to avail yourself of this opportunity, to help your abandoned pregnant friend, you may contact me above on this "contact me" page of this site, or call Margaret at 407-617-8438. A contribution can be made by clicking on the "Donate" button above. If you would prefer to send us a check, and avoid a 5% transaction fee from being deducted, make your check payabe to Andrew Lerner, and send to 943 Bakewell Court #101, Lake Mary, FL 32746.

We are fortunate in having a home to house our cat and kittens until they are ready for adoption. We are fortunate in being unemployed, in that we have the time to care for them. You however, may be fortunate to have one or two dollars, to help us help Abbey the cat, and her kittens. Five of you, of the many hundreds of people, who enjoy and benefited from the Lake Mary community page every day, have been very generous. We greatly appreciate you joining us in our opportunity to help Abbey and her kittens.

You are more fortunate, if you have money beyond clothing, shelter, and food for yourself. We wish we were, but we are not. So far, we have been using the contributed money for food and litter. We plan to have her and her kittens inoculated, spayed, and or neutered, to prevent more unwanted animals. They may otherwise be killed.

$350 - $900 are the goals for Abbey, and her kittens. $188.00 is the amount so far collected for Abbey as of 3/27/2014. Thank you to our heroes! Costs per cat month are: $40 food, $12 litter. Exam and vaccinations per cat is $35. Spay or neutering may only require $55 each cat from a non-profit vet, dependent on contributions from people like you. We will have fostered Abbey for at least four months, and her kittens for two months. Therefore our goal is $350 for Abbey and $180 for each kitten. If there are three kittens, that will be a total of $900.

You have our names, address, telephone numbers, and pictures. We have not accepted money for ourselves, or for publicity, advertising, merchandise, or information that we have been providing you for free, here in Lake Mary for the past 1.5 years. You are among at least 1100 people who benefit from us and the Facebook page. Please help Abbey and your kittens. 

Receive the reward of helping your community, by sharing this page. Maybe you could earn the naming rights to, or adopt a kitten, if you help them. We otherwise plan to bring Abbey and her kittens to a no-kill facility. We want to be assured that the adopters will have the money, and can afford to take care of them. You have the money and love. We have the time. Be a hero!