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Lerner Graphics

Welcome to my site. This page features two collections of my graphic designs. Please click the page titles on the left and above to see more collections. Please Visitor Sign my GuestBook.

Peace, Piece, and Aspie Themes.

All of these graphic designs incorporate the peace sign or and the concept of pieces. They describe its year or origine, Aspies, diet, and my own earlier logos. Within my logos, the mouth and bottom ^ shapes an A. The "nd" in the middle of ^ stands for nuclear disarmament, the original purpose of the symbol designed by Gerald Holton on February 21, 1958.  LernerDesign.com is now LernerGraphics.com


 ☮...Both the graphic design symbol for Nuclear Disarmament and Andrew I. Lerner were established or born on 2/21/1958. Now it is known and used as the "Peace" symbol.

Aspie Themed graphic designs

An Aspie is an individual with Aspergers Syndrome, and believed to be on the autism spectrum. These graphics are intentioned to bring attention to these people, their condition, and educate how they are. 

Other graphics with Aspie phrases include: "Powered by Aspie Operating System", "Aspies need to know every aspect" and  "Aspies see you as an alien species." I can put any of the above onto a T-shirt, labels, cards, flyers, etc. I can incorporate your name or business into them, or design original cards, stationary, or websites for you. Magnets & decals are 6 / $12 each. Please Email me your choices, quantities, addressand donate below.